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Bridesmaids dresses - a guide to choosing the right one

Bridesmaids dresses - a guide to choosing the right one

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One of the best things that comes with being a bridesmaid is the dress (and of course the hen party). Well I do say best, but sometimes it so happens that the bride to be has different views on what would look nice for her big day event. Unfortunately, as this is her special day and not yours, you have little decision making power in the matter; but what you can do is help her get some “inspiration” so that you can very vaguely point towards what you’d like to wear. Of course this is in her best interest and not yours, isn’t it? After all, you would like to look good for her wedding day.

There are so many different styles and every single one of you are going to want something suitable to your taste and body type. We’ve put together a small guide which we think will totally help you towards “inspiring” the bride into making the right decision.

The colourful ones

In most cases there are going to be more than just one bridesmaid, so you will all have to come to an agreement on what colour you’d best find suited. It may sound a bit strange, but do take in consideration the environment of where the wedding is taking place. If it’s at a fancy hotel, you might want to consider some of the classic colours, nothing too bright as you will just look out of place. If the wedding happens to be in a gorgeous, outdoorsy space with lots of green nature around, then brights are the way to go - so don't be affraid to add a pop of colour. If you are attending a beach “I do” ceremony, pastels and shades of light blue will look gorgeous. Always look at the big picture and see how everything will look together.


It’s all in the detail

We all know that even the most basic outfit can be made into a standout success by having just the right detailing come with it. As a bridesmaid, you really don’t want to over shine the bride, but instead complement her gown. Try to stay away from too much sequins, unless it is done is a subtle way. This goes the same for glittery designs and shinny diamantes. Don't get me wrong, they are gorgeous but as the wise often say everything in moderation. Ruffles can be considered so 80's but if you add just the right amount on the most suitable body part (usually shoulder) you could really have a winner. Bows always look so chic because they bring a feminine/doll like feel to the look which is fits with a wedding theme...fairytale right? And of course we do love a good embellished waist.  

What's your style...

I’m going to end up writing a novel if I go through each and every single style dress available for bridesmaids to choose from. So I will stick to the basics. Again, take the environment in consideration and see what really works. Think about the length, would you like to go for a traditional maxi length, or are you looking for something a bit more playful and short? Try different fabrics and textures and see how they sit on you all, some fabrics simply fit better than others. Are you looking to have a pleated style or more bohemian and flowy? Will it be an empire waist, meaning higher or will the dress be a chic midi length bodice type? There are so many things to take in consideration, but always try them on and see where you get with it. You can then all make a decision on one particular style.

Stand our from the rest

Majority of brides want their bridesmaids to wear the exact same dress, in the same colour with the same detailing. This comes from a tradition in the Roman times when it was believed that the evil spirits would attended the wedding to try and curse the happy couple. The matching dresses became a symbol to try and confused the evil spirits away. This is a nice tradition, but if you are ready to create your own tradition and introduce the of “Wear what each one of you suits best” type approach, then you are more than welcome to make it happen. More and more brides are adopting this new trend and we do love it.

Never be afraid to express your personality through your style!


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